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Benefits of a Mineral Supplement

Although the use of attractants and mineral supplements have gained momentum over the past few years, the acceptance is still much slower than the use of other wildlife feeds, mainly due to the hunter not knowing the difference between a mineral and attractant. Possibly another reason for the slower acceptance is the improper placement of the supplement, which would greatly affect the end result. Regardless of the reason, if the hunter does not see the desired result, they usually call it quits, when in reality, the mineral may be working. Hopefully, we can clear up any misconception and provide a better understanding of a mineral supplement.

What are you really looking for when you pick up a product? I hope it’s not how big the deer is on the front of the package…there’s a chance that deer has never tasted a single speck of that supplement...it’s true. You should be asking yourself…What is the product going to do for me and the deer in my hunting area?

Attraction or Antler Development

If a product is designed merely for attraction and nothing else, you will see high levels of salt. There is no doubt about it, deer cannot resist salt, especially in the spring and summer months when the green vegetation provides potassium but lacks in sodium. However, just because deer are attracted to sodium and can dig a hole 3 feet deep, it does not mean that they are receiving the essential vitamins and minerals to grow their antlers to their fullest potential. There are products on the market that have 70 – 85% salt, without any other essential mineral. Therefore, the deer will continue to hit the site, but you will not see any significant antler growth. So, if you are content with continuing to see the same quality of dirt digging deer in your area, year after year…salt is for you.

If a product is designed to maximize the growth potential, it will contain many essential vitamins and minerals, as well as an attractant such as salt. Please remember that salt is necessary, but usually less than 40%. When looking for a quality mineral supplement, the product needs to contain minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, and E. However, as mentioned above, an attractant is still very necessary. Without an attractant, such as salt or flavoring, deer will not consume the minerals, due to the bitter, unpalatable taste.

Next…Do Minerals Really Work?

Yes…moving on.

Honestly, it’s common sense. Sure, antlers will grow regardless, the deer do receive the vitamins and minerals that they need to survive from the spring and summer vegetation. However, to truly develop, additional supplementation is required. During antler growth, the minerals are taken from the skeletal system, therefore leaving a void, leaving the mineral supply in the body depleted, needing replaced. When you continue to supply minerals, the body is never depleted and the antlers continue to draw from that supply.

Minerals are also very beneficial to lactating does. As the does continue to lactate, the milk being provided is very mineral dense, providing the foundation for a strong skeletal system. As the fawns consume the mineral, the minerals are always in supply and the doe is never depleted. It has even been proven that mineral supplementation in lactating does, have provided young bucks the opportunity to have substantial growth within the first year.

Then…You Must Have Deer in the Area.

Minerals can produce amazing results, but you still need to have deer in the area. A mineral site will not produce deer out of thin air, so please pick your site carefully. Pick an area that you know is highly traveled and try not to place it in a wide open area, as deer are most vulnerable when feeding, head down and pre-occupied. Try to place the mineral off of a highly traveled path, possibly in cover, allowing the deer to get active in the site. I know…you want the perfect trail cam picture, so you may not get the smiling buck in the wide open…but you will get a bunch more in the cover.

So…When Do I Start?

You should start in early spring and continue through August. By starting in early spring, you are catching them right out of the gate and will also be supplementing the pregnant does. Year after year, you continue to see hunters only putting out a mineral in the months of July and August…hate to say it, you missed it. Sure, you may give them a little extra but you missed out on 4 solid months of mineral. Just think of what can be achieved in 4 months.

Finally…Why use BATTLE DUST by Autumn Warrior Outdoors?

We have created a product that is not only an amazing attractant, it possess all of the essential vitamins and minerals to maximize the growth potential of the deer in your area. BATTLE DUST has been created with a lower salt content when compared to most competitors, however still maintaining the attraction factor with an amazing flavor. We have and continue to see amazing results, through site activity and most importantly…the end result…well developed deer. We are not only producing an amazing product…we are Engineering Dominance!

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